We Build Your Dream

Gulf Coast Home Designs is excited to bring our years of professional home design experience to your next building project. We are passionate about creating the home addition, new building, or home renovation designs that fit your life perfectly.

Our story

Gulf Coast Home Designs is an exciting new endeavor by Johnson Construction. Our company is Gulf Coast-born and raised, with more than 25 years of experience building homes, remodeling buildings, and creating seamless home additions all around the Pensacola area. With more than two decades of hands-on experience working on a variety of building projects in Pensacola, our team is the right choice for your home design, home addition, remodel design, or just to help you form a conceptual design for your space. What we are so proud to bring to Gulf Coast Home Designs, is our years of experience designing new construction and remodeling homes in the Pensacola area. Although the Gulf Coast is beautiful, this area provides some unique challenges for home design, such as accounting for hurricanes, flooding, intense heat, and high humidity. When looking for a home design company, it is incredibly important to seek out one like ours, with decades of local experience in designing homes that works for our customer’s needs and the unique environmental needs of the Gulf Coast.

Our passion for your home

At Gulf Coast Home Design, we reject the notion that one size fits all, that homes can be standardized, and that designs should fit into floor plan models. Our goal is to create a home design that captures not only your unique needs but also your personality. Your home shouldn’t feel cookie-cutter, it should feel like a place where only you can live. We pride ourselves on providing a home design service that does just that for you. Gulf Coast Home Designs offers a variety of services to fit your needs whatever they may be. From home additions that feel like a natural extension of your home, to renovations that will completely change the way you look at your home, as well as beautiful new construction and conceptual designs, our home design services will leave you with the plans to create the stunning project of your dreams. We are committed to helping your home feel like a place that you love to come back to, not just somewhere that you live. The Gulf Coast is already such a beautiful area, with our crystal blue-green waters, and white sand beaches, why not bring that beauty indoors and surround yourself with all that makes the Gulf Coast the best place to live. We believe that what makes a house into a home is love, so bring some love into your home with a renovation, addition, or completely new home design that you genuinely love. We are just waiting to turn your house, into a home you love.

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