5 Home Design Trends That Already Look Dated

Designing a custom home can be super difficult. Finding a home design that strikes the perfect balance between classic and modern, still feels unique to your tastes, and fits the function of your lifestyle is a difficult task for anyone. Let alone the fact that we are inundated with tons of programming claiming to show you the latest trend that you are going to love. However, before you go running to HGTV to fill your home with the latest trend, look at some of those home design episodes from even five years ago. Likely, the designs shown in them look dated, generic, and occasionally tacky. This is due to the simple fact of overexposure. Certain trends have become so popular that we are now sick of them. It is the same principle of a song that becomes overplayed on the radio, it feels fresh and unique for the first few listens, we tolerate it for the next ten or so listens, but soon it becomes inescapable and we become sick of it. Here are some of those recently overplayed trends that will make your home design look dated.

Tuscan style should stay in Tuscany

Tuscany is one of the most beautiful regions of Italy, a rich land with wineries, lush countryside, and gorgeous old buildings. While Tuscan style, with its warm colored stucco, wrought iron, deep wood cabinets, and warm beige tiles, may be beautiful, it doesn’t necessarily translate when taken out of Italy. In all honestly, while Tuscan style can be done well, in many people’s hands it tends to look like a converted Olive Garden as opposed to a beautiful Tuscan home. If you really want to bring Italian style to your home design, focus on the basic elements, real stucco, grand fireplaces, neutral tones, and aged wooden beams. Focus on a subtly old world look as opposed to an over-the-top one.

Overuse of reclaimed wood

Speaking of over the top, the reclaimed wood Farmhouse look is already making your home design look dated. Reclaimed wood looks awesome and has tons of character when used sparingly and tastefully. However, overwhelming your space with tons of reclaimed wood just makes it look like a barn. Focus on a few key pieces or one statement element such as a reclaimed wood dining table or reclaimed wood flooring. This will ensure your home looks chic instead of shabby.

Grey everywhere.

Many realtors and home flippers encourage a home renovation to include lots of grey tones so that potential buyers can see a blank canvas and imagine themselves in the space. However, when designing your custom home or remodel, you should not take this advice. Grey faux wood floors and walls have become one of the most overexposed design elements of the past few years. It seems like every new building has them and it is unavoidable that they will look dated in a few years. Instead of going grey, consider opting for natural tones that have stood the test of time. Dark wood floors will always look classic or show some personality with a unique white or colored wood floor. Either way, they will show your unique style over a long period of time, whereas grey flooring will soon go by the wayside.

Backsplash blues

Kitchen and bathroom backsplashes are an essential part of creating a beautiful, fully thought-out home design. Sometimes, however, tile designers can get a little too wacky with the colors and end up with a backsplash that instantly looks dated. These multicolor backsplashes were a huge trend in the mid-2010s, and thusly are already looking dated. When picking your backsplash go for something classic like white subway tile or if you would like to mix things up with a funky color or shape, keep it monochromatic so it will stand the test of time.

Granite on the way out.

There was a period of time where every new home had to have a kitchen with granite countertops. If real granite wasn’t in the budget, many home designers opted for faux laminate granite that created the look at a lower price. Because of this overuse of granite, the stone is already beginning to make kitchens and bathrooms look dated. While granite is still a beautiful material to use for countertops, consider a slab that is not so grainy and flecked with color to provide a more classic look. Consider also opting for a more obscure stone like quartz, or a unique eco-friendly alternative like recycled glass, bamboo, or concrete so that your countertops don’t look dated in a few years.

Regardless of these trends that may look your home look dated, you need a home design company that will create a home that works for you and has your personal flair. For your home design needs, there is no better company than Gulf Coast Home Designs. Call or contact today.

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