When it comes to space, many homeowners face a decision that feels overwhelming. They’ve found a house that they love, but, families grow, parents move in, storage is needed, and many other factors contribute to the fact that sometimes, you wake up and realize that the house you’ve outgrown the home that you absolutely love.

Then comes the essential question, do we leave the home that we have created, or try to make it work for us?

This question is not new, there have been whole shows running for years dedicated to this question. The answer to this question could be multifaceted. One could consider all of the options, create a pro and cons list, factor in attributes that are unique to the home like a great neighborhood or an excellent school district.

However, the answer to this question doesn’t have to be that complicated. In fact, it shouldn’t be. It should simply boil down to an answer that you already know. You love the home that you have created and that’s all that matters.

Gulf Coast Home Designs has a home addition service that is sure to make the home you love, into the home that fits your needs, no matter how large they grow.

Making your home work for you.

Nowadays there are plenty of storage hacks, DIY videos, and articles that promise to help you save space, increase storage, and have the home of your dreams. While these resources may help a bit, no amount of space-saving lifehacks can change the fact that sometimes your home is just too small.

You’ve found a home that you love, let Gulf Coast Home Designs help you create an addition design that works perfectly for your needs.

Creating a seamless vision.

When it comes to home additions, not all designs are created equal. Let’s face it, many home additions feel awkward, clunky, detached, and like an afterthought. While a home addition might literally be an afterthought, it certainly doesn’t have to feel like it.

At Gulf Coast Home Designs, we believe in home additions that don’t feel like additions. We specialize in creating a home addition design that feels like a natural part of your home that has always been there.

We pride ourselves in creating designs using the simple principle that the form of the design has to follow the function of your space.

This principle allows us to create a home addition design that feels like an organic extension of your home, while also creating a space that fits your needs exactly.

A family home that feels
like your family’s home

Every home is unique. Even cookie-cutter preplanned homes begin to break out of their molds once they stop being houses and become homes.

At Gulf Coast Home Design, we listen to your unique needs and create a home addition design that works for you and builds upon the home that you have already created.

Whether it be a home office addition design that is perfect for working from home in peace and quiet, a guest room for those family members who love to drop by unexpectedly, or a sunroom to enjoy the beautiful emerald coast weather, Gulf Coast Home Designs works tirelessly to create the next space your family will love.

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