Home Design Services

Gulf Coast Home Designs is proud to offer a diverse and comprehensive array of home design services, in order to fit your needs perfectly. Browse our selection of home design services below.

Home Addition Design

A staple of our company, Gulf Coast Home Designs works with you to create the home addition of your dreams. Too often, home additions feel like an afterthought- a tacked-on structure that feels awkward compared to the rest of your home. At Gulf Coast Home Designs, we create home additions that feel like a seamless extension of your home. We take pride in the fact that many people cannot even identify the home additions we have designed as additions, merely thinking that they are a part of the house that has always been there. We design additions that work for your lifestyle, and give you the space that you have always wanted in the home that you already love. For more about our addition design services see our Home additions page.

Home Renovation Design

At Gulf Coast Home Designs, we know that there is a lot about your home that you would never change- whether it be the location or simply the memories your family has created in it. However, in many homes, there are plenty of elements that do need a change. It could be an outdated kitchen, a floorplan that feels too closed in, or a bedroom that needs converting into a home office. Whatever it may be, our home renovation design service is perfect to help you visualize the changes you would like to make. When you work with our home renovation design team, you can be confident that they will help you see your home in new and exciting ways that work even better for you than it already does. Check out our Home Renovation Design service page to learn more.

New Construction Design

Designing innovative, functional, and beautiful homes and commercial buildings is what fuels us at Gulf Coast Home Designs. We are excited to offer our New Construction Design service to the gulf coast. Whether it be the dream home you have always wanted, a beautiful second home, or the small business that needs the perfect facility, Gulf Coast Home Designs has the expertise you need. With our years of building experience on the gulf coast, we are uniquely qualified to design the new construction project that works for you and can contend with the often tumultuous local weather. Our experience and vision are unmatched and we cannot wait to help you design the new home or building that you have always wanted. See our full New Construction Design Service page for more information.

Conceptual Design Service

Designing a new home or commercial building is often as intimidating as it is exciting, In order to prepare yourself for this difficult but rewarding journey, you need Gulf Coast Home Designs’ conceptual design service. With this service, we essentially give you a preview of the full set of home design plans. This preview is necessary in order to obtain accurate building materials price estimates, and determine if the cost of the project is worth undertaking. For a more in-depth look at just how invaluable this service really is, be sure to check out the full Conceptual Design Service page.

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