How Covid-19 Changed Home Design Forever

The Covid-19 pandemic changed the lives of almost everyone in this country. It disrupted our daily routines and added untold amounts of fear, stress, and heartbreak to our lives. The pandemic also changed the physical way that we live. We are more cautious now, changing our daily routines, many people still work from home, and even more, are forced to wonder; what will we do if it happens again? While many countries still go into periodic lockdowns due to rising case numbers or variants, it is unlikely that the United States will follow suit. Still, the way we have lived our lives these past 18 months has had a profound impact on the way we will continue to live in the future. One of the most notable facets of life that has changed, is how people are designing their homes. Read on to learn how home design has changed forever due to the covid-19 pandemic.

Fresh Air

Experts at the CDC have stated that bringing in fresh air from the outdoors is an excellent way to keep the virus from concentrating in indoor spaces where it is more likely to infect. Recent home designs have reflected this scientific discovery. Natural light has always been sought after, but in a post-lockdown world, feeling connected to the outdoors is an essential part of any good home design. Large or small, incorporating plentiful banks of windows into a home design is something that will be incredibly popular after the pandemic.

Bars are Open

While home bars largely went by the wayside in home design trends after the tiki bars of the ‘60s and the basement bars of the ‘70s, the pandemic has brought them back. Due to Covid-19 shutting down the entertainment and nightlife industry, home bars are returning as an essential part of a home’s design. Whether it be a simple bar cart off to the side of a living room, or a full-blown bar with a sink, refrigerator, and icemaker, having somewhere separate to enjoy an after-work-from-home cocktail is a rare treat in these stressful times.

Function Over Everything

As lockdowns descended and homes became restaurants, schools, movie theaters, offices, and more, many people realized that their home design was neither functional nor comfortable. Many people did not spend enough time in their homes pre-pandemic to realize that functionality is an essential part of good home design. After the pandemic, function and comfort are taking center stage in home design, with many people passing on sleek, minimalist, modern designs, and instead expressing interest in home design that feels comfortable and works for their lifestyle.

Larger Footprints

After the covid-19 pandemic, home size has become a huge factor when designing a new home. While many people had been steering away from the oversized McMansion style of home design that was hugely popular in the 2010s, the pandemic reversed that shift into smaller homes. With variants still raging, there are people who feel much more comfortable simply staying at home and are willing to pay more for a home that does not feel claustrophobic. Larger footprints have even extended outdoors, with a huge trend in functional outdoor living spaces that virtually double the amount of available living space in a smaller home.

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