How To Make Your Home Addition Feel Seamless

Finally taking the time to add an addition to your home is a huge and incredibly exciting step. The idea of finally opening up your space with a home addition, adding an extra room, or other, desperately needed, square footage can feel freeing. Unfortunately, not all home additions are created equal and more often than not, they stick out like a sore thumb. Instead of looking like a natural extension of the home that you love, many home additions can feel clunky, awkward, and tacked on. In order to ensure that your home addition looks like it has always been there, and not like an afterthought to your home design, read on for the top things to be aware of when making your home addition feel seamless.

The tone is everything.

This is to say, you have to make sure that the tone of your home addition matches the general tone of the rest of your home. If your home has a particular architectural style, design aesthetic, or overall mood, that element should remain consistent in the new addition. Of course, you can add details that help your addition feel unique, but the overall tone of the rooms should not change when leaving the original house and entering the addition. If you want to add new colors, or design details to your addition, choose pieces and colors that compliment your current furniture and paint colors, to help the tone feel consistent and not draw unnecessary attention to the addition.

Repetition is your friend.

In order to help an addition feel seamless, repetition is one of the best tools in your arsenal. Subtly repeating shapes, colors, and patterns that you use elsewhere in your home will help the addition blend in and feel like it has always been there. Repeating furniture silhouettes is also an excellent way to make your home addition feel seamless. Similar to creating a consistent tone, repetition is important when it comes to design aesthetics. A great way to repeat colors used elsewhere in your home is in small details like knickknacks on bookshelves, wall art, and pillows. If you chose not to repeat exact colors, try to choose a different shade of that color to create a beautiful subtle repetition. Another great way to use repetition to make your home addition feel seamless, is to choose furniture from the same era. If you love vintage furniture, choosing pieces that were all created in the same design movement or cultural era is a great way to repeat the shapes, colors, and patterns that exist in the rest of your home.

Attention to detail is everything.

In addition to keeping the tone consistent, and using repetition, in order to make you home addition feel seamless, you must be aware of the small details that many people overlook. Tiny details like keeping the metal of hardware consistent, matching the wall colors exactly, as well as the texture of surfaces like floors, all matter when it comes to helping your home addition feel seamless. For instance, a shiny new floor will stand out like a sore thumb if the rest of your floors are dull and matte. Going through your home addition with a fine-tooth comb and choosing details that either match or feel complimentary, is a surefire way to make it feel like it has always been a part of your home.  You can even add small touches, like art, or decorations that were previously in another part of your home. Putting these small touches into your addition will create a lived-in sense of recognition and help your home addition to feel absolutely seamless.

If you are thinking about adding an addition to your home and need a design that feels seamless, look no further than Gulf Coast Home Designs. We specialize in creating home addition designs that feel consistent, effortless, and give you the space that you have been dying for. Call or contact us today.

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