Home renovation is hot right now. Whether it be the ever-popular 40-minute tv shows full of glossy professional transformations, or the 60-second time-lapse DIY renovation videos all over the internet, the world would have you convinced that renovating your home is quick and easy.

However, there are the glamorous on-screen transformations, and then there is the truth of the matter, which is that home renovation is neither quick nor easy. Creating a brand-new look in your home is incredibly rewarding, but can be rife with challenges, which is why it is incredibly important to not skimp when it comes to the planning process.

Gulf Coast Home Designs is here to help you with that planning process. We work with you to create beautiful and accurate plans that allow you to make the home renovation process almost as quick and easy as they make it look on TV.

Thinking outside the box

To be quite honest, trying to renovate a room in your home is difficult. It can be easy to get swallowed up in the endless Pinterest inspiration pictures, countless home design magazine clippings, and hours of research, all of which leave you with a jumbled mess of ideas.

Not only is it overwhelming, but it can also be challenging to see the space you are looking to renovate as something different than what it has always been.

Seeing your space from a fresh perspective is what we do best.

Gulf Coast Home Designs can perfectly translate your vision onto your space. With our renovation design service, we are able to look outside the box of what the space already looks like, and help you create the renovation you have always dreamed of.

Accuracy in action

The best part about utilizing our renovation design service is that there is no guesswork involved. You could spend hours wandering home improvement stores, hanging up swatches, and wondering what the whole design will look like in the end, but with Gulf Coast Home Designs on your team, there is no need. We pride ourselves on creating beautiful design plans for your home renovation that will allow you to see your plan clearly. We also provide all the guidance that you need in order to complete the renovation with a team of skilled professionals.

The value of a good set of design plans cannot be underestimated when it comes to a home renovation. Having your designs to refer back to helps you troubleshoot, reminds you of how beautiful the end result will be, and provides an essential resource that will keep you afloat during the renovation process.

Our experience, your vision.

When creating your renovation design, it can be difficult to know where to start. You have a vision in your head but transferring that vision into a fully-fledged set of design plans can be more difficult than you imagined. Fortunately, our team of designers has years of experience in home design and construction and can seamlessly help you create the beautifully renovated space you’ve had in your head. Whether it’s the perfect cozy but still open kitchen, a home office geared toward productivity, or the relaxing bathroom that feels more like a luxurious spa, we will be right at your side creating a renovation design that you love.

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