The Best Ways To Maximize the Space in Your Home

Trying to find enough space for all of your things in a cramped house or apartment can feel incredibly frustrating. Your home feels like it is in a constant state of clutter and there is not enough room for what you really need. There are lots of space-saving storage devices but many of them are expensive or don’t fit into the style of your home and simply do not work for you. If you are low on space and starting to get frustrated about it, here are some of the top tips on how to maximize the space that your home already has.

Scale down

When trying to maximize the space in your home you should absolutely take into consideration the relative size of the furniture pieces you own. Pieces that are even a couple of inches too large can crowd a small space and make it feel even more cramped and cluttered than it already is. Instead of opting for the massive sprawling sectional couch, take your space into consideration and consider a low-profile sofa and several chairs that could also function as extra dining places for guests. By decreasing the scale of your furniture you will create a space that feels much more open and breezy.

Create dedicated spaces for clutter

In an ideal world, your house would be perfect, clean spotless, and clutter-free. But, let’s be honest, clutter happens no matter how clean you are. Mail is left unopened, house keys are strewn about, shoes don’t make it back to their cubbies. There are also a whole bunch of items that don’t really have a place in the home so they just end up everywhere. In order to create the appearance of a spacious home, it is important to find a place for those items. Whether it be a small shelving unit, a discreet basket off to the side, or a storage ottoman, finding a dedicated space where you can dump clutter will help create the clean appearance of a much larger home.

Lighten things up

When attempting to create the look of a larger home, there’s nothing that drags down the appearance more than big, heavy, dark-colored furniture. Even medium to dark colors on the walls shrink a space and make even a large home feel cramped and claustrophobic. When picking colors for your home opt for lighter tones with low contrast. You can even opt for clear materials like glass and acrylic for furniture in order to make the room feel even less crowded.

Question the status quo

Maximizing the space in your home is all about getting creative. One of the things that will most help to maximize your space is to question whether or not you actually need a certain item of furniture just because most other people have it. Allow your home design to follow the actual function of your life. If you eat most of your meals at restaurants, there is no reason for you to crowd your space with a bulky dining room table. If you rarely watch tv you can replace a normal TV stand with shelves that provide extra storage. Don’t be afraid to avoid a traditional design item simply because you feel that you need to have it. Let your home suit your needs.

While space-saving hacks are great, sometimes there are no amount of tips that can change the fact that your home simply doesn’t work for you. When looking for the most experienced home design company to help you design the home addition of your dreams, look no further than Gulf Coast Home Designs. With decades of local expertise, we are here to make sure the home that you love, continues to work for you.

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